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Message From The General Manager of Marshall Cavendish Business Information

Few would have imagined back in the 1970s when the Malaysian halal industry was in its infancy that it would one day attain global prominence. In fact, the country is now considered a leader and pioneer in the halal marketplace with a reputable certification system and expert knowledge that is frequently sought by halal industries in other countries.

For Malaysia, the halal industry has become a core engine of economic growth. In 2019, the industry registered an export value of RM40.2 billion. It was expected to reach RM50 billion in 2020, but the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the forecast figure to RM42 billion.

The global halal industry, however, has a US$3 trillion (about RM12 trillion) market value, which means there is plenty of room for Malaysian halal companies to grow, especially when demand is on the rise not only from the Muslim population around the world but also from non-Muslim consumers.

With consistent progress being made within the industry and with vast potential still waiting to be tapped into, there is no better time than the present to launch our very first Malaysia Halal Directory 2020/2021.

As with our other niche industry directories, this latest publication features a comprehensive collection of halal-certified Malaysian companies and industry players in numerous segments such as F&B, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health products, logistics and more.

Instrumental in this endeavour is the Halal Development Corporation Berhad (HDC). As custodian of the Malaysian halal economy, the agency’s assistance and participation has been invaluable. For this, my team and I offer our thanks and appreciation.

It is our hope that this directory will go a long way in facilitating connection, communication and growth within the halal ecosystem and play a part in propelling the industry to greater heights in the years to come.

Thank you.

The General Manager of Marshall Cavendish Business Information